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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 13, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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blocks in pakistan killed eight people, coordinated people from the taliban apparently meant to avenge osama bin laden's death. we're live in pakistan. plus -- >> i also recognize that a lot of pundits around the nation are saying that i should stand up and say this whole thing was a mistake, but there's only one problem with that, it wouldn't be honest. i in fact did what i thought was right for the people of my state. >> no apologies. republican front-runner mitt romney defends the health care plan he created in massachusetts while condemning the national plan it inspired. tough line to walk, just how much do democrats like romney's plan? massachusetts governor duvall patrick joins us. and drastic measures may be needed to keep rising floodwaters from baton rouge and new orleans, already the flood has reached record levels at 21 locations in eight states, that mighty mississippi. it's friday the 13th.
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no black cats around here. i'm chuck todd, tomorrow's most famous arizona wildcat savannah guthrie is off this morning. ron paul makes it official, announcing his third bid for the presidency earlier today. let's get to the rundown and we're going to start in pakistan. a devastating attack there today killed at least 80 people in what the taliban calls retaliation for the death of osama bin laden. pakistani officials say two suicide bombers struck a paramilitary training center near the afghan border, most of the victims were recruited. peter alexander is live for us in islamabad, how bad was it and do we know for sure it's the taliban? >> reporter: this is the first major terror attacks since osama bin laden death and now nearly two weeks ago, as you noted, at least 80 people were dead. 40 of them were critically hurt,
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they are still in the hospital in this area not far from peshawar, the northwest region. we should note that area's been volatile for the last several years, it borders afghanistan and pakistan. the cadets, these people who had been recruited would be fighting against militants in their own ethnic communities thereupon. they have been targets before, the pakistani taliban quickly came forward claiming responsibility for this attack. for one thing it's an easy target to attack. it's not the first time something like this has happened but also these people are viewed as allies of the united states, they receive some funding from the u.s. but right now this appears it was an effort to retaliate for what happened in the last 12 days or so. >> peter you had some great reporting this morning about how osama bin laden was able to send so many e-mails around the world, tell us about it. >> yeah, this is really interesting. we know that osama bin laden was a prolific writer, by some accounts as many as a million
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pages of documents, handwritten notebooks we have been given new details about. but we also know he may have been a prolific email writer as well. even though he didn't have internet access in that compound, his hideout, he would write detailed notes, save them on a thumb drive flash drive, give them a courier, who would then tahem to internet cafes an e-mail them. and then they would take the e-mails they received and put them on the thumb drive and return them to bin laden. >> sounds like a plot out of spy novels. >> peter alexander, terrific reporting thank you very much. let's move to politics.
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will mitt romney let -- mark murray's nbc's deputy political director, quite a power point presentation yesterday. if the design of yesterday was to somehow put health care behind him, then -- >> the purpose of the speech was really to put -- criticize president obama's health care law and also outline the principles that he would have on health care if he becomes president, but putting that in the rear view mirror will be easier said than done. mitt romney ended up giving a full debate in the massachusetts health care law. but the problem and difficulty that he'll have in the months ahead on the presidential campaign trail is reconciling how that massachusetts mandate, while that's good for massachusetts, why it isn't good for the federal government to be able to do the same as we saw under president obama's health
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care law. so quite the challenge for mitt romney the days ahead and you're probably right, this issue won't be going away for him. >> a letter to the editor responding to "the wall street journal." sherry daniels, wife of the indiana governor mitch daniels made her political debut of sorts, at least on the national stage, what did we learn from her about her husband's intentions and what did we learn about mitch last night hanging out at a bar? >> well, chuck, the speech that the first lady of indiana, sherry daniels gave along with the introduction that her husband, indiana governor mitch daniels gave weren't political at all. if you were trying to read the tea leaves about what it might mean for 2012, people were disappointed. news came from another report that first lady laura bush contacted sherry daniels who appears to be on the fence on a 2012 run to encourage her about
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mitch daniels getting in and also telling her what it would be like to be first lady and a spouse on the political campaign trail. so just more evidence that team bush is really encouraging the daniels to get in this race. >> and very quickly this morning, ron paul made his third declaration for president, let's take a listen to what he said this morning on abc. >> at this moment i am officially announcing that i am a candidate for president in the republican primary. >> why? >> because time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what i have been saying for 30 years. so i think the time is right. >> mark murray, two years, four years ago, ron paul wasn't getting invites on national television programs to make his announcement like this. fast forward four years, the success of the tea party movement, some people, you and i have noted for years that maybe
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he's the godfather of the tea party movement. chances this time? >> well, the chances of the assignment once again will be difficult. remember he finished in fifth place in the iowa caucuses in 2008 and a fifth place win in the new hampshire primary. he was right in this respect, that the republican party today looks a whole lot more like ron paul than it did four years ago, the republican party on economic issues at least is a lot more libertarian, a lot more sounding like the kato institute and a lot more sounding like ron paul when rudy giuliani and mitt romney were running for president back in 2007 and 2008. >> quite a week, we're geared up. political director of nbc news, thank you very much. mitt romney has become a key part of the democrat's strategy tone sure that romney can't run
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away from it. governor romney's power point presentation yesterday, what did you make of it? >> well, to listen to governor romney, it sounds like he likes everything about the affordable care about except the fact that it was signed by president obama. health care reform has been a wild success here in massachusetts and over 98% of our people have insurance today, it's added 1% of state spending, more companies are offering their employees health insurance today than before the bill was signed. and how you take what has been a success here. since it got put into law the costs are going up higher than the estimates at the time. why is that?
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>> actually that's not true. the costs are a battle line with what the estimates have been, there is a separate issue, which is an issue all over the country, even in the states that haven't tried to deliver universal care. we have got some great strategies there, so just as i think we have been the model for university health care nationally, i think here in massachusetts, we'll be able to crack the code on cost control. >> but wasn't one of the points of doing this the idea that if you insured everyone and you expanded the risk pool, that should keep premiums down to residents of massachusetts apparently aren't getting a break from that? >> actually that's happening in health care and it's of course again true all over the country, this is one of those things where you pay for it sooner or later. if you get more people in primary or preventative care, chuck, you cut down on the back game in terms of folks getting
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care in emergency room settings, that has been our experience here and it will be nationally as well. >> you're part of a group that's going to be running and going to raise romney. this tells me you're close to many of his political advisors. is if safe to say that you think that mitt romney would be the -- >> that field is still developing, governor romney's always been a gentleman to me, i think he'll be a compelling candidate. but his politics and his views are very different and they lift all over the place depending on political convenience and i think that will be an issue in the campaign, by contrast, president obama is about the politics of conviction and i think that is something that the country is hungry for. >> it's interesting you brought up four years ago, mitt romney was a guy talking about mandates and he said, he embraced them with a lot more gusto four years ago than he did yet.
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candidate obama didn't like mitt romney. >> going back six or seven years when we were still debating our health care reform and i was a candidate and that issue was being debated, i was uncomfortable with it. came to understand listening to governor romney and other business people and others who were involve in it is that this is really a kind of classic insurance theory which is that you spread the risk as widely as possible in order to keep costs down for everybody. and as i say, it has worked here in the commonwealth. >> all right, when do we expect to see those first tv ads popping up in new hampshire. >> i'm sure we'll get further into the campaign. this work at the grass roots for as lodge as we can, it's billed in that way. and we'll get to tv later on. >> duvall patrick t successor to former republican governor of massachusetts mitt romney. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me.
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>> up next, we're going to get out some 2012 crystal balls as democrats jump on a chance to pick up a traditionally republican seat. we'll look if it means anything for 2012, and the democrat strategy to win back the house. plus the raging river, the mighty mississippi, it's a race against time in the south as the river floodwaters surge toward new orleans. but first, a look ahead at the president's schedule. his national security advisor is meeting with the libyan rebels. mike the commander in chief stops by. you're watching the daily rundown on msnbc. one. so movies aren't this dramatic, maps aren't this clear, emails aren't this detailed and memories aren't this memorable.
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the next two weeks, a handful of elections give us a first look of what may be the playing field for 2012. starting tomorrow, a special election in west virginia, saturday voting, if it's saturday, and an tuesday, there's a special election to fill retired congresswoman jane harmon's seat in california. but the contest that reece suddenly gone national is the district that's probably going to go away after redistricting. if you remember him from craigslist, and what looked like a lock for the republicans is now a tight three-way race, the political parties and outside groups are pouring some late
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money into this western new york district. congressman john larsen with connecticut and new york congressman. since we are talking special election politics first, congressman israel, let me start with you, it took you guys a long time before you jumped in, a lot of chatter about how the democratic candidate there had a chance because of the kooky nature of a three-way race. but are you worried that you're throwing away good money? >> chuck, you know what i love about those ads that you just showed is that this is one of the most republican districts in the united states. if a democrat represented it, it would be the nine most republican district for a democrat to represent in the country. president obama got 47% in this district. john kerry got 43%, you know what i love about those ads? that they're playing in that direct that. the republicans have been forced to put in a ton of money, that speaker boehnered that to rush to that district on the way to a
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fire to try to calm things down. that carl rove and crossroads are putting in millions of dollars in aggregate money. that the republicans had to in a solidly republican district, so, look, no matter what happens t fact that we are even competing in this solidly republican district is a victory in and of itself. it's not the kooky three-way race that is moving a needle, it is three issues, medicare, medicare and medicare. one party wants to terminate the medicare benefit or to fund big tax cuts for oil companies and the democrats want to preserve and protect medicare. that's what it's going on in this district. >> congressman larsen, i take it you probably agree with what your colleague said there on the medicare front. what are you hoping, do you hope a victory in this race allows you to change some part of the debate this summer or later this spring, either when it comes to dealing with the budget, the debt limit and the fact that
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it's somewhat connected to medicare reform? >> i think this race is probably demonstrates the difference between the two parties best. because what's happened when you peel away the veneer in the republican agenda is to get rid of health care, to get rid of social security, to end medicare as we know it, to voucher and then block grant medicaid, and most recently in the ways and means committee, they came up with eliminating unemployment as we know it so. i think this draws a distinction ideologically across the country, yesterday on the ways and means committee meeting, chuck, we asked the four republican witnesses about the debt ceiling and we said should this be a clean sweep, should we just go in there with the debt ceiling? if you thought lehman brothers
9:20 am
was bad, for the united states of america to default would cause a global catastrophe, do this quickly and do not have the united states be in this position. >> congressman israel, you've got the challenge of having to win back the house, try to -- for the democrats, try to find 25 seats, try to put some of these terms into the campaign. boy, the debt celling is not popular politics. you look at poll after poll, you ask that question and that's one of those things the average voter is thinking, no way, please don't do it, how do you deal with this on the campaign trail? >> there's no question that the debt celling is not popular politics, i agree with your premise. but responsibility is important. and quite honestly, when it came to the continuing resolution and the budget, the republicans and the house of representatives were willing to risk the economy on an issue like planned parenthood, now they appear willing to risk the economy to protect their friends in big oil. they're saying they will not
9:21 am
allow anything on the table that reduces subsidies to big oil companies or increases taxes for big oil companies, they refuse to vote for an extension of the debt limit if we're going to ask oil companies to pay for their fair share. >> congressman larsen, i want to talk quickly about those negotiations on the debt, the debt limit, the whole deficit plan. are you comfortable with the fact that the white house has taken the lead on this? that they're going to cut this deal? that it's probably going to include more cuts that your caucus isn't going to be happy with, how are you balancing this, supporting the white house and your democratic president on one hand and dealing with themothe more liberal members of your caucus? >> we do understand that, look, this is an important issue to deal w but we are also adamant in the fact that you heard mitch mcconnell come out yesterday and
9:22 am
say that medicare has to be tied to this? steve pointed out again, this race and everything going on across this country t main issue, medicare, medicare, medicare, here are the republicans again insisting that they would rather see the nation and the world spiral out of control over medicare, a program that we know works and they know works because the more than 1,000 public hearings we had across our districts when we went home over the last break and we're going to continue to do over this break. >> all right, congressman john larson. >> the president will be able to reach accord with our members. >> congressman john larsen, we'll check in with you after all these specials, if it's may, it's special election month. thank you both. up next, could this friday the 13th spook wall street, we'll find out what the name of
9:23 am
this friday s we'll get a preview of the markets. our washington speak, we're going to see if mitt romney. >> the great thing about the federalist system, a federalist system, a federalist system, meaning a state power system. >> the federalist system, it's a governmental system where power is distributed between a central authority and sovereign states, but in the context of a republican presidential primary, it's mitt romney's reason why health care was public policy when he implemented it in massachusetts and public policy when obama did it at a federal level. also type of the government system that we use. you would like us to clarify, send us an e-mail, the daily run down at boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh.
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the opening bell will ring in the new york stock exchange. it's time for a preview of the markets. becky, i know you love to name fridays. you guys at wall street, you name your various fridays, whether it's option friday, witching friday. it's friday the 13th. what's the name of this friday for the markets and all that jazz. >> if you're superstitious, are you chuck? >> i would been walking under any ladders, i don't do it. >> i'm the same way, i cross my fingers, i don't like it when a black cat walks in front of me, you got to throw the salt over your shoulder. >> when investors start looking at black friday, and they start looking at friday the 13s, they shouldn't start looking at too much. when you look back, friday the 13ths have actually been good for investigatives. the dow has turned out a total of 58% of the time. in fact if you look at friday
9:28 am
the 13ths that land in may, it's ended up 64% of the time, so more often than not the bulls carry the day when it comes to friday the 13th. it looked like we had been -- as i have been sitting here, gjinx it all. it looks like it's right around the flat line. we have been watching oil prices, they had been back up above $100 earlier this morning, now they're coming back in line at $99. and this is a huge question, what's going to happen to oil prices, and this matters to all of us as we go to fill up our cars at the gas station. we know that oil prices have skyrocketed. they're down about $17 from the peak back in may and that has a lot of people very hopeful that prices at the pump are going to come back down. we're crossing our fingers on that as well. when you look at the mississippi floods, this could add the next kink. about two weeks from now, the worst levels are expected to hit down in baton rouge. that's where a lot of the
9:29 am
refineries are. if it knocks any of the refineries down in louisiana that, could be -- has not been running recently, we have been getting our supplies from the gulf too. those floodwaters really hit hard in loouj abaton rouge. >> i got to let you go for that, becky quick, thanks very much. speaking of those floods, we're going to check in right now. anne thompson is nbc's chief environmental affairs correspondent, she's in morgan city, louisiana, and, ann, i don't know if you heard becky's report about this nervousness and the effect it's going to have on the price of oil. are these decisions about oil and refineries also affecting where they could open up spill ways? >> i think the biggest issue,
9:30 am
chuck, is really about people more -- even more than oil refineries. there's no question that about 10% of louisiana's onshore oil production could be impacted by this flood. but we are actually here in baton rouge today and just north of here is where the morganza spill way is, the relief valve that they could open on the mississippi river to -- not only are there a million people, but there are 200 miles of unfinished levees, so if you push all this better into that area between baton rouge and new orleans, you could really cause severe flooding. so if you send it down the spillway that, lessens the amount of water that goes down to new orleans. what it does though is there are 25,000 people who live on that spillway and they could be impacted. i was down in morgan city w
9:31 am
which is one of those areas impacted. i talked to people who are sandbag their homes getting ready. they said look, this is the price you pay for living in as they call it paradise. they love it out there, they love being out of the city. but it's a price they're willing to pay. chuck? >> anne thompson who seems to be now in louisiana every may. this is going to become an unfortunate tradition. thanks very much. >> come on down, apparently will be there soon. other stories we're following this morning, the senate ethics committee said it was substantial and credible evidence that former nevada senator john ensign violated the law, not only senate rules t invests is over whether ensign broke the law while trying to cover up an affair with political -- it was a scathing report and one that made those blurb even those folks that remember reading the ole star
9:32 am
report. more news on a suspected terror plot in new york, two men arrested yesterday, wanted to attack synagogues, kill jews and blow up the empire state building. police caught two men trying to buy guns, a hand grenade and other weapons. and as i mentioned a few moments ago, we're going to see voting on a saturday, west virginia voters head to the polls tomorrow to pick nominees in the special gubernatorial election that is set for october. the winner will fill the remainder of the term left by senator joe manchin. up next, terrorists followthrough on the threat to a avenge bin laden's death. was it too late to kill bin laden to have an affect on al qaeda? first the latest trivia question, excluding thomas dewey, who lost to fellow new yorker franklin roosevelt? there have been four presidential candidates in the
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past 100 years who have lost their own states, who are they? the answer and more coming up on the daily rundown. [ male annou] look outside. it's grow time.
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with miracle-gro garden soil for just $4.77. as we process the intelligence ticket from bin laden's compound. janet napolitano says the information recovered in the raid uncovered plans on terror in major cities. what does it mean for america's counter terror policies? >> is there anything that you have seen in this material so far that says to you, we need to rethink our security priorities in the u.s. based on what we have found? >> what i have seen so far indicates that our priorities are the right priorities, they really match up fairly well with what we have seen today.
9:37 am
>> so al qaeda may have lost its leader, self-radicalizing muslims, the so called lone wolves that are already here. the national correspondent for the atlantic, his cover story looks at why the changing middle east is now more hopeful and more hazardous. so let's quickly look at the bin laden affect, killing him obviously there's attacks today by the taliban in pakistan, we know the threat has not gone away, what is the greater threat? is it the taliban? is it al qaeda, what is it? >> it's the al qaeda t self radicalized al qaeda, the franchisee if you will, has decided either alone or with a small group of people, very hard to penetrate for intelligence obviously a small group of people to act on the ideas of bin laden, not the direction of bin laden or his number two, but actually just go ahead and try to blow off train or blow up an
9:38 am
airport or blow up something smaller. >> this is one of those case where is it does have to become a law enforcement issue? >> one of the worst days in america was the ft. hood shooting, individual self-radicalized, impossible for intelligence to detect. you still have al qaeda planning operations from overseas against american targets. >> all right, let's shift gears a little bit to libya. or button up, these air strikes have been more than a month now and we're buttoning up on where the president may run out of time in his own sort of how much he can do without getting approval of congress. at what point does the united states have to say, well, either we got to up the ante when it comes to libya and we can't continually do this stalemate. >> this is the problem from the
9:39 am
beginning, you start an operation with an ill defined goal. the osama operation was exactly what we wanted to do and we did it. there was never any clear indication, are we trying to effect regime change, are we trying to protect the population? we're in kind of a muddle now. and when you have a muddle you have people in congress scratching their heads and there's hand wringing a little bit. we don't like these messy engagements with ill defined goals. in the democratic party, especially you see it in the republican party now, a kind of renew eed isolationism. >> he needs to avoid a vote because that would not necessarily be very pleasant for the white house. >> i want to finally end with syria, one of the things that we have noticed in this arab spring, or with all these
9:40 am
potential revolutions and these revolts that have taken place, different ways that the west has handled it, sometimes it's upping the rhetorical aspects of it. sometimes it's doing what's happening in libya. both of those because what happened in egypt and what's happening in libya, you have western leader s publicly comin out and saying these leaders have to go. we're not seeing that with assaad yet. >> we're closer and every day that we get reports that assaad is using tanks against his own people, the number of civilian deaths is somewhere around 8 50 and it's a serious crisis. he's not behaving in any sort of moral -- >> for a couple of weeks, there was a thought that there was a chance he could try to find a, quote, moderate ad. >> for years, there's been in hope based on no particular evidence except that he speaks some english that he was going to be a more moderate figure,
9:41 am
but i think, you know, we're coming to that situation where we would be running up against the hard reality of the arab spring. >> is there a mideastern leader that will jump in that he's got to go pool with the united states, france and britain. >> that is hard to believe at this moment, even -- we know that the saudis are hesitant about him leaving. obviously iran is trying to keep him in place. so you have a situation in which you don't really have that same energy that was directed against gadhafi. >> jeffly goldberg, a guy who knows so much about this region, a great cover story in the atlantic, read it, it's a long weekend. trivia time, we asked you if you could name is four candidates in the several 100 years that lost -- al gore, we all know if he had won his home state in
9:42 am
2000, he might have been president. george mcgovern, he lost south dakota and alf landon in kansas and woodrow wilson. up next, a book that offers a not so safe financial advice, msnbc's own willie geist is here to hock a get rich quick scheme that as best we can tell will only be making him rich. but the way book deals go, nobody gets rich on a book deal. but first t white house soup of the day, it's friday, it's a gumbo day, you're watching the daily run down only on msnbc. how can expedia save me even more on my hotel?
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there's a book promising to held you get thin, help you get happy, and help you get rich. we sought the advice of two of the finest financial gurus in the country and the result is a life altering new book, we're joined by the two authors now. apparently no money down real estate. the thing about this is the two characters, the dollar bill, self-proclaimed financial gurus, we're having some down times, we're having some cash. it's unconventional, their whole theory is let's get back to the mentality of 2006. buy a home you can't afford, get yourself behind the wheel of a
9:47 am
vehicle you probably can't afford. get some clothes, buy some $250 jeans. we were great in 2006. something happened, something happened, if we just get back to that mentality, we can be great again. >> all right, so, break it down. >> the corner stone of their philosophy is image is everything. you're never going to be rich until you can appear rich and exude the appearance of wealth. they give us some great tips on how to do that. it starts with the breakdown of wealth. you might think it's all about money and your skill set. the breakdown of wealth is 80% appearance. it's only 15% money. the other 15% is fine corinthian leather. >> apparently bikini clad women means you might be wealthy. and you say it's the five cs of credit. >> put everything on a credit card and that goes without saying, and when the bank comes
9:48 am
calling, you're going to have to move sometimes, the five c's of credit, cancun. >> it tells people i am a big deal, i spend time in the tropics. convertib convertibles, get yourself a preowned american automobile. like a lebaron, then get yourself some cognac, drink it through a brandy snifter or something like that. it doesn't have to be cognac, diet coke is fine. and cuticles, biweekly manicure, pedicure. >> i'm told dollar bills tip, tip number 11, remember to have fun. >> it's all about having fun, if you're in a horse drawn carriage, people are going to
9:49 am
assume you've got old money. old money is prestigious. they assume you're a man with a lot of money and low overhead. >> tip number 29, i'm told that success reads success, it doesn't breed success. if you read books about getting rich, of course you will become rich. that's been proven time and time again. >> if you go on the airline magazines, you can actually get these books without somebody will read them to you in a short amount of time. have you seen that? they read them to you, all of them in one quick thing. >> you don't even haveto kno how to read if you're rich? >> the two of them are going to stay with me and somebody else has got a get rich quick scheme. we'll be right back. she felt lost...
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before we go, quick dip in the shallow end, and i've kept our great authors around. potential 2012 contender mike huckabee is giving us another
9:53 am
hint that he won't be running for president. he's producing animated history lessons for children. >> islamic fundamentalists stormed the u.s. embassy and took 52 american diplomats hostage. >> oex no. that's bad. really bad. >> why is everybody so upset? >> can they see hope? >> god had a plan for america. i see it as a shining city on a hill. if we ever forget that we are one nation, under god, then we will be one nation gone under. >> there it is. >> no. >> is that real? >> that's real. mike huckabee is selling these things. you go to the website and a little mike huckabee, and it like -- the reason i wanted you to, he just pops up and starts selling these books? >> i think the lesson is anything for money. even if it's made-up animated history. why not? you sure that wasn't "south park"? >> i know. no. it's at the time, and i've obviously tweeted this out.
9:54 am
and that's one of the bigger responses, like wait a minute. kids are going to be mad because they're going to think it's "south park" and it's not. >> is it the right way to teach young people about the iran hostage crisis is through a sweet little girl's voice. >> they never say the word in this little comic either. >> well, the book is loaded. >> it is. >> so if you were to take his philosophy, the philosophy of the dollar bills and apply it to presidential politics. have you thought about that? >> yeah. i think money is not important. i think to these guys you don't actually have to have the cash. you can be a huge phony. and i think that always applies to politics. if you've got a message, if you can spin, if you can talk a little b.s., you're going to win over some folks. >> create jobs through bringing $150 seafood towers back into prominence. reach out to the fishermen, lemon growers, and lemon makers.
9:55 am
ice shaffers. you know, you can create jobs that way, too. >> what is it about donald trump, everything you say, i keep telling it, this is sort of, this is how he did it. >> donald -- >> that he did it this way because he has no money, right? >> i don't think that's true. >> you're going to get a phone call after the show. >> it's the illusion of money, right? isn't the illusion of billions? >> donald trump to the dollar bill, he's it. he's their buddha. he's their icon. he has gold plated bathroom fixtures. he's always got a beautiful woman on his arm. and we're not quite sure how he did it. but he is the guy. >> but we want it. >> the longest book segment that i ever planned on "the daily rundown." it's friday the 13th, and that's it for "the daily rundown." somebody who's very lucky on friday the 13th is coming up next. chris jansing and company. then at 1:00 p.m., andrea mitchell reports.
9:56 am
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revenge. a pair of suicide bombers kill dozens in pakistan. the taliban says they're behind it. retaliation for the death of osama bin laden. and we're getting new details about the raid from video caught by the navy s.e.a.l.s' helmet cameras. and how bin laden was able to secretly use e-mail to spread his sinister plans. the ethics report on former senator john ensign is out. it is scathingly raw. and could lead to criminal charges. details, and who else is involved. potential jurors in the casey anthony murder trial are being asked about their sense of smell. there's key evidence in the case that apparently requires a strong nose. good morning i'm chris jansing and we begin with breaking news from pakistan. the first apparent act of revenge for the death of osama bin laden. two taliban suicide bombers have killed at least 80 at a paramilitary training center.